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 English Updated 06/01/2018
French Updated 07/27/2017

Churchill Junior High School Supply Lists, 2018-2019
Item 6 7 8
Binder, 3-ring, 1 inch 1
Binder, 3-ring, 4 inch 1, with zipper
is helpful
Dividers, tabbed, 4-5/pkg 1
Eraser, large pink 1 1
Facial tissue ("Kleenex," etc.), box 3 4 2-3
Folder, 2 Pocket
B=Blue, G=Green, P=Purple, R=Red
1B, 1G, 1P, 1R 1B, 1G, 1P, 1R
Folder, 2 pocket, any color 2 4-6
(1 per class)
Glue Sticks, Elmer's 4
Hand Sanitizer, bottle 2 1
Headphones or Earbuds (NOT wireless) 1 1 1
Highlighter 1 1
Index cards, 3x5, pack 1 1
Markers, dry-erase 5-6
Notebook, spiral, single subject
B=Blue, G=Green, P=Purple, R=Red
3R, 1P, 1B 2B, 1G, 1P, 4R 4-5 (any color)
Notebook, spiral, multi-subject 1 (Algebra students only)
Paper, graph, notebook or loose-leaf pkg 2
Paper, wide rule, 50 Sheet/pkg or more 1 3 2
PE shirt, gray, with first name printed 1 1 1
PE shorts, black, with last name printed 1 1 1
PE socks, pair 1 1 white
PE shoes for gym, pair 1 1
Pencil bag 1 1 (bag or box)
Pencils, mechanical, pkg
2 of either
2 of either, +1 for Advisory
Pencils, wooden No. 2 Ticonderoga, 12/box 4
Pencils, colored, set of several colors 1 1 1
Pens, blue or black, pkg of 12 or more 1 1 black AND
1 blue
Pens, red, pkg of 12 or more 1 2
Planner, Agenda, or Assignment Book 1 1
Sharpener, handheld, for wooden pencils 1
Tape, clear ("Scotch", etc.) roll 3
Also Recommended:
Grade 6: Locker shelf, Lanyard, Hand Sanitizer, Extra lead for mechanical pencils
Grade 6: We understnad that things run out & wear out, but you are expected to have your supplies with you in class each and every day. If you run out during the year, it is your responsiblity to purchase what you need.
Grade 7: Please consider buying extra supplies while they are on sale. Many students need new pencils, pens, etc., in January
Grade 8: You need to have enough of each item to last the entire school year. We understand that things run out and wear out, but you are expected to have each of these things with you in class each and every day. You may want to buy extras of any supplies (especially pens, pencils, colored penciles, and folders) when they are less expensive.
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