Change for Cancer

For the entire month of November, Middle School Principals across Knox
County will be raising awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society
through their Colors of Cancer program with a total goal of $4,000.

Locally, Mr. Hawkins (Churchill)  and Mr. Young (Lombard) will be competing to see who can
raise the most to donate to the cause. A challenge has been laid down! Each
school principal is challenging their students and families to help if they are
able. They can donate or simply offer encouraging words to their respective

For a period of 10 days (November 12-November 21, 2019) a “change drive” will be hosted at each respective school. Much like a “Penny drive” we are asking for spare change to be
donated to help advance cancer research and support for families

*In a friendly wager, the losing principal will spend a morning on the roof of the opposing school waving and welcoming students.