Breakfast in the Classroom

In 2016, Breakfast After the Bell legislation was signed into law. Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Illinois schools with over 70% or more of the student population eligible for free or reduced-price meals must offer Breakfast After the Bell-serving breakfast after the instructional day has officially started. 

Breakfast in the Classroom FAQ

Does Breakfast in the classroom cost anything?

No. All of Galesburg CUSD #205 schools, grades K-8, are part of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) which provides free breakfast and lunch to
all students in a school, regardless of a family's income level.

What types of breakfast items are students served?

Students will be given a choice of various fruits, cereals, and hot items along with milk each morning.

What if something is served my child doesn't like, or what if they don't want school breakfast?

Students are not required to eat breakfast at school.

What if my child has documented food allergies on file with the school nurse?

Food Service coordinates with each school nurse to identify the needs of students who have food allergies that have been documented by their healthcare professional. The information provided to the school nurse is entered into Skyward. Food Service will provide safe alternatives to meet a child's dietary restrictions.If your child has a documented food allergy, please be sure that you have contacted the school nurses and that it has been noted in our Skyward system.

Can my child bring his/her own breakfast to school to eat with the class?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted for Breakfast in the Classroom unless a note from a health care provider identified a specific health related need due to allergies or a medical condition. Please contact your school nurse for more information.