Energizing Students and Staff!

Churchill and Lombard students were given the opportunity to listen to nationally known and respected speaker, trainer and author, Carl "Energizer" Olson, on Thursday, September 26. He connects everyday life and Social Emotional Learning skills in his presentation. His message is combined with magic and words. The students learned about how to focus, persevere, and to be kind and respectful to one another. 

Carl spent the morning at Churchill and then went to speak to the students at Lombard in the afternoon. Students were attentive and engaged in the speaker, from his magic tricks to the song at the end. Carl "Energizer" Olson will be back early next year to finish where he left off and continue to spread the positive messages to students. 

"I liked that he had a lesson behind everything he taught."-Annabelle Giles

"I like that Mr. Olson taught us just because we have a bad day, doesn't mean it will ruin the rest of our lives. We can make a bad day disappear just like the cotton ball and the candle."- Aliyah Gonzalez

"I liked the hallucination trick. The lesson was that if you don't focus, you always miss something."- Caden Ashby

"I enjoyed how he continuously wanted us to do better with the chant, as our teachers want us to do better with our work." -Emma Dechow

"It truly was an amazing experience; his astonishing magic and beautiful lessons really taught us something."-Ava Ritchie