Lombard Middle School wanted to use the days leading up to state testing to encourage students to do their best and to remind them that the staff believes in every single student. The week kicked off with themed days, including Zephyr Pride Day, Favorite Jersey/Team Day, Wacky Fan Day, and Teacher vs. Students Dress Day. Friday each homeroom planned a theme for the class to participate in, some classes decided on a specific color to wear while others dressed in sports theme attire.

Also, Friday was the much anticipated afternoon pep assembly. Students were greeted by cheering classmates as they entered Erickson Gymnasium. The band provided entertainment by performing a few songs to show off what they had learned this year.


Once the school was all in attendance it was time for students to hear from local coaches who each told the students positive reminders and motivational words for them to remember. Coach Ray Vanhootegem, Coach Jeremy Pickrel, and Coach Steve Cheesman all challenged the students to do their very best, not only during the upcoming state testing but also in life.

Coach Cheeseman gave the students three things to remember. He encouraged them to have Pride. Not only Zephyr Pride but pride in themselves by remembering to be the very best they can be. He spoke to the students about the importance of teamwork. If you want to win, you have to be a team player and rely on your teammates. And finally, his third point for the students, he reminded them that in everything you do, regardless of the task, there will be obstacles.  He encouraged students to FIND A WAY to get it done, no matter what.


After the motivational speeches, it was time for some fun and "games". A few students came down for a friendly basketball competition and then were all invited to stay for the next part of the assembly.


The students voted all week prior for what staff member they wanted to be the one to "kiss the pig". Lombard student, Sadler Spring, enlisted the help of his sister, Annika to bring one of the family piglets to school for the nominated staff member to kiss.

staff voting

The votes were unanimous for Mr. Bucher to kiss the pig, which he completed in front of a loud and excited audience. Click here for the video!

student and staff member

But just wait. Kissing the pig wasn't just for Mr. Bucher. Lombard teacher, Mrs. Maaske, made sure to also involve Lombard staff members, Mrs. Hutton, Mr. Hall, Mr. Lingafelter and of course, Mr. Spring.

staff staffstaffstaff

Students who participated in the basketball challenge then were allowed to throw a pie in Mrs. Hutton's face! She was expecting one pie, but one pie turned into a total of 6 pies in her face.

students students students students students students principal

According to Mrs. Hutton, "Our theme this school year is Growing Greatness. To motivate our students before state testing, we held a pep assembly to remind them that they are all capable of achieving greatness. Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance have prepared them for this moment."

In the words of Steve Cheesman, "Zephyrs will find a way to succeed!"