Alice in Japan

This month, I have been switching host families quite often. I stayed with a very nice host family for only a week. There was a younger brother who reminded me a lot of my own little brother! We played games together and even rode bikes. The host father is a hairstylist and gave me a haircut, which I love! The host mom and I went to her business and I got some cool stuff, like a guitar and records. Then we all went to a mountaintop campground that they own and had a barbecue. The barbecue pit was inside! I thought it was cool until the smoke got in my eyes! The last thing I did with them was karaoke. It was so fun! I am glad I’ll be going back to that host family for two weeks this weekend. 

The host family I am with now is also very nice! We live close to the school, so I walk there all the time. Later in the evening, there is a park nearby where I go running. As always, there is a brass band! It’s enjoyable though, the teacher is funny and nice. We’ve been preparing for a concert for this weekend. 

A couple of days ago I went to a Rotary event in a beautiful hotel by the beach. It was around 3 hours away in a town called Toba. 

One thing I really want to do here is to go to the beach in Okinawa! There might be a chance as this host family could be going next month. Only about 100 days until I come home… too soon!

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